Decluttering towards Fulfilment

Clear up your clutter and Create a home that serves your daily Life, your Happiness and your Self-fulfilment

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In a world of over consumption, most of our homes have become overloaded with material things. Decluttering has become a need and minimalism a trend.

The beauty of it is : decluttering is not only a way to regain an easy to manage, clear and peaceful home, but it is also a way to learn about oneself, to grow from inside out and to take practical steps towards fulfilling our dreams.

In my webinars and events, you’ll learn about

  • The 7 blockages that prevent us from decluttering
  • The ONE root cause that is hidden behind them
  • The 4 pillars for a long lasting successful decluttering
  • The secrets benefits of sorting out your belongings
  • A concrete way to get started on your path to deep fulfilment
Nathalie Gehrold: Your Coach for Home Decluttering and inner Clarity

I am a French expat who started to declutter back in 2005 in an attempt to master my removals. Today I combine this experience with my passion for personal growth and my +13 years as a trainer in order to help my clients transform their homes and be true to their beautiful self.


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Nathalie Gehrold